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Ideology on Tantra

     It's important to understand what Tantra is and what it is not before we dive into a tantric session. Tantra isn't just a type of modality or sexual experience- it's a way of living. Tantra has a lot of different definitions that society has passed down through generations. The definition that resonates with me the most is the original Sanskrit definition of Tantra, which is "expansion" or "to expand." If one wants to live a tantric lifestyle, then one must understand how this definition of "expansion" can be applied and how it can be beneficial to one's life.

     Tantra opens doors for people to embody the kind of person they wish to be. A more loving, confident, and powerful human being. In order for this kind of transformation to happen, one must EXPAND their consciousness. When our consciousness expands, it gives permission for our entire being to expand and grow. This means that not only our human self expands, but so does our spirit self as well as our superhuman abilities. Expanding our consciousness means to step outside of the tiny box we live in. Once we can step out of that box, we can grow beyond our made up limitations and live a life full of infinite bliss and pleasure in every single thing we do. 

     But how do we step out of that box? Well we have to study the box and get to know it first. What is our box made of? This box can be made of limiting beliefs, social conditioning, traumas, past life beliefs, generational patterns, emotions, past experiences, shadows/darkness etc. In order to grow outside of our limits, we need to heal and make love to these parts of us. Honor all of the dark and light that is within us, FULLY ACCEPT what is and who we are, breathe through it, and feel through all of it. Through this practice, we evolve, transform, and create that sacred union within us that is of the divine masculine and divine feminine. When we accept, then we can expand our consciousness; we get to know ourselves on a deeper level which means we can love ourselves on a deeper level-- making it possible to also love others on a deeper level. As a result, our external world expands and we can reach new heights of living and experiences. When we uncover this love internally and embody it, our external world reflects that deep love within us.

     Tantra shows us that everything in the world is divine. It is all inclusive of everything, everyone, every belief - dark, light, and balance. When we live a tantric lifestyle, we see everything as divine and we can have acceptance for ourselves as well as for the entire universe. Through feeling true acceptance, comes unconditional love and bliss. This is what I practice in my sacred space. I provide the safe space for healing, discovery of self love, and divine beings to step out of their box and meet the divine God/Goddess within themselves.

-- Alaetra Jaxsia

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