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This massage helps to provide you with a deeper connection to pleasure as well as embodiment of your true divinity. This is not limited to only sexual pleasure - there are an infinite amount of pleasure sensations that we can experience the more we open our hearts, tune into our bodies, and start learning to receive.


​These sessions are tailored to women (yoni owners) who may feel like they need a deep healing from within. Our sacred intimate areas can hold a lot of emotions, memories, and stagnant energy. These sessions are meant to clear away any old traumas that may be stored in the body, boost self esteem, get stagnant energy moving, and help you feel empowered. Our sacred yoni is a powerful part of our body, and once it is alive and awakened, we can then tap into this power that lies within it.


New clients' massage is focused more on releasing and healing with some exploration of pleasure. 

For those who are new to a tantric massage, depending on your specific case, a healing session without touch may be required before receiving a tantric massage. It is very important for us to release as much stagnation and traumas out of the body first before having our intimate areas worked on. Inquire so we can figure out what the best session would be for you.

Price: $400

Discounts available for sexually abused victims.

Discounts also available when bought in packages.

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This session is also tailored to women that have already either worked with me or have received a legitimate tantric massage before with another practitioner.

This session is for women who need a healing and relaxing time to themselves to receive a full on reset. Returning clients have the option to focus more on the exploration of their pleasure centers or healing and releasing stagnation if that's what they feel called to.


The more we allow our bodies to open—the deeper we can go into relaxation and feel pleasure on a deeper level. This session is meant to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and empowered. 

Price: $400

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