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Alaetra (A-LAY-CHRA) Jaxsia

I am a certified Level one and Level two Tantra Practitioner trained and Sexual Empowerment Coach trained by two of the most experienced and high-level Tantra Practitioners/Dakinis in the field, Lourdes Starshower and Maria Fazzingo. Equipped with incredible gifts of spiritual intuition, voice sound healing, and powerful energy healing, I am able to use my skills in the arts of tantra, meditation, energy work, and bodywork to enhance the lives of others. 

Tantra is a way of life that allows me to share my gifts with those that are open, willing, in search of healing, as well as pleasure, no matter where they are on their path. After years of striving for constant inner growth, intensive daily self practices, and healing sessions, finally Tantra made its way to me, making it the piece that has woven together everything I have learned through my spiritual practices, compelling me to provide these profound services to others.

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