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There are so many couples these days that are just existing in a transactional union instead of a deep, intimate sacred union. Choosing to be together out of the sake of convenience instead of choosing to live in love together. 


Practicing Tantra helps us in deepening our own connection to ourselves as well as with our loved ones. In this session, you and your partner will learn how to connect on a deeper level of intimacy. It is important to connect with your partner on an energetic and spiritual level sometimes more so than on a physical level. The physical world is a manifestation of our energetic and spritual world. So its important to start the connection between two lovers (or more) on an energetic level first. My sessions for couples provide romantic and loving exercises that can help your union connect energetically, emotionally, and physically. 

This session would be ideal for couples/parternships that are: 

  • needing to heal their partnership after any kind of betrayal, infidelity, etc (any partnership can be healed as long as there is true effort on both parts). This session will include a forgiveness ritual.

  • wanting to rekindle their flame

  • wanting to learn new ways of connecting and deepening your intimacy 

  • wanting a romantic, fun, and beautiful getaway experience

  • wanting to start their new relationship with an intimate tantric experience 

There are various techniques and rituals that can be beneficial to all!


In order to fully experience this beautiful session in its complete totality, you must be willing to be vulnerable. This is an opportunity for you as a couple to be very vulnerable with each other in a safe space with guidance and love. There's no growth in love without vulnerability. Vulnerability is the key to intimacy.
A session may include couple's meditation, couple's instructional massage, couple's intimacy therapy, and other techniques can be used to elevate the connection between your divine union. Every partnership is different so every session is different and tailord accordingly to the partnership's needs and desires.



$850 FOR 3 HOURS


A $50 deposit is required for booking a session. Once the deposit has been received, an intake form will be sent to you and your partner(s) separately that will only be seen by me and not meant to be shared with each other. This helps each person to feel safe and comfortable being expressive and vulnerable with their experience in their relationship. This will also help me get to know you both individually and tailor the session accordingly to both of your needs and/or desires.

The deposit can only be made through Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal. No cash or check deposits.

Click below to provide your contact information, reason for wanting a session, along with any questions you may have, and book your session today!


Available for all kinds of   couples (monogamous, polyamorous, open, throuples etc)!

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Couple's Intimacy

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