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For those that need an extra push...

This extensive one-on-one program is for any woman who is ready to fully embody their sexual nature as well as their divine femininity and weave that into their healing and empowerment journey.

This program will level up your being and TRANSCEND you into new heights that you may have never thought was possible before. Our sexual energy is the highest form of power that there is. And when we incorporate our sexual energy into the mix, that’s when we become an unstoppable force! When we become attuned with our sexual energy, that divine source of power leaches into all areas of our life, making life more exciting and enjoyable.

You will be provided with an abundance of tools and powerful healing modalities that will aid you in releasing traumas out of the body and subconscious mind as well as sexual empowerment tools to get you feeling embodied in your truest and most highest essence.

This is the time to release any victimization patterns and mindsets that you may have acquired along the way in your journey of life.

This program is for you if you: 

-experienced any kind of trauma

-struggle with your identity

-struggle with tapping into your femininity 

-struggle with balancing feminine and masculine energies

-struggle with your sexual identity

-find yourself freezing inside and outside of intimacy

-feel stuck and are having issues with changing patterns/habits

-lack self confidence and motivation

-needing to grow your spiritual evolvement

-heal ancestral wounds

-have been sexually abused in any way

-have a low libido

-have genital issues (women: inability to reach orgasms,

only clitoral orgams or only vaginal orgasms,

any kind of pain in the and outside of the yoni.)

PRICE: 10 WEEKS FOR $3,333

(one 2 hour virtual session weekly)

In Person Sessions available for locals.

Discount available for previous sexually abused victims.


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