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Transcendence Coaching Program


I only serve women and couples.

tran·scend : To be or go beyond the range or limits





We all came here born of love, light, confidence, courage, and POWER. But unfortunately, we grew up in households and/or society that has made us think upside down and backwards. The world is changing and the collective is remembering who they are…ITS YOUR TIME TO AS WELL. 


This intensive AND extensive one-on-one program is for any woman who is looking to fully embody their sexual nature and weave that into their healing and empowerment journey. This program will level up your self-development and spiritual journey and TRANSCEND you into new heights that you may have never thought was possible before. And why is that? Because our sexual energy is the highest form of power that there is. And when we incorporate our sexual energy into the mix, that’s when we become an unstoppable force! When we become attuned with our sexual energy, that divine source of power leaches into all areas of our life, making life more exciting and enjoyable.  


This program isn’t only about becoming attune with your sexual energy…it’s about embodying your sexual energy as well and healing yourself THROUGH your own sexual energy! This is the time to release any victimization patterns and mindsets that you may have acquired along the way in your journey of life. 


During this 10 week course, you will release all of the stagnant energy and/or emotions in the body that may have been weighing you down. It’s important to release what is in the way so that we can fully embrace what truly IS divine at our core. Not only will we work on releasing traumas but we will be incorporating a new healthy lifestyle if you already do not have one. This means taking a look at your diet, exercise routine, and daily habits to see what needs to be transcended.

This program also honors women's cycles. So each session will honor where a women is at in her cycle as well as teaching her how to optimize her cycle to her most benefit in order to live exactly what her body desires.


You will also get to explore your desires and boundaries and learn how to ground that into your being. You will be able to heal your own self with guidance. 


This program will involve physical activities (some intense and some relaxing; both powerful) to help release any traumas (big or small) and/or stagnation out of the body, as well as embodying practices that will help you attune to your divine nature and reach the level that you wish to be. 


You will also sometimes be provided with “home play” so that you are fully holding yourself accountable and becoming accustomed to your transcendence journey. I'm here to hold your hand every step of the way. 


This is a very intense program that requires integration and processing. Therefore, you will also have access to contact me during this 10 week container at any point in time if you are needing assistance in any way at any point throughout your journey. It’s easier to process and integrate when we have someone to lean on.  I am here to help hold you accountable as much as I can and to make sure you are doing the work you need to do in order to become empowered in YOUR own natural divinity. 

Sacred Powerful Yoni massage is available to those that are willing to travel to me as well. I can also travel if in the state of Florida. All that would be a required is a travel compensation.


We live in an interdependent world. Meaning, we need community in order for us to thrive in this world. We’ve been fed a lie that we need to be independent and work hard on our own in order to feel powerful and successful. But the truth is, even those who have lived that life, in some way or another have received help from plenty of people along their journey to success, Whether they realize it or not. So this program is for you if you are needing an extra nudge in your empowerment and healing journey! We will work together in order to get you where you desire and need to be.


 This program is for you if you:

-experienced any kind of trauma

-struggle with your identity

-struggle with your sexual identity

-struggle with porn addiction

-find yourself freezing during intimacy or any part of your life

-feel stuck and are having issues with changing patterns/habits

-lack self confidence and motivation

-needing to grow your spiritual evolvement

-heal ancestral wounds

-have been sexually abused of any kind

-have a low libido

-have gential issues (women: inability to reach orgasms, only clitoral orgams or only vaginal orgasms, any kind of pain in the and outside of the yoni.)

PRICE: 10 WEEKS FOR $3,333

(one 2 hour virtual session weekly)

In Person Sessions available for locals.

Discount available for previous sexually abused victims. 

Book your life changing experience today.

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